A.P.C. founder Jean Touitou is not one to hold his tongue. His very blunt opinions are well known as much as his cult-like brand. Our friends over at Four-Pins caught up with the Frenchman before he opens his third NYC shop tomorrow. Of course, the conversation got interesting. 

Despite keeping mum about what the new shop is going to look like, the interview does bring out some gems. Like ones where Touitou said he could already tell the Yeezus tour was going to be a success after attending the Seattle show. “I just love the fact that Vanessa Beecroft is so much part of it,” he said. Speaking of course on Kanye’s performance art collaborator.

However, the best part came when asked what the worst fashion trends are today. He goes on a filter free roasting on his sickness of the rolled up pant look, status bags, and straight men adopting the “gay” look from 6 years ago.

For more on what Touitou had to say, head to the Four-Pins website.

[via Four-Pins]