Back in October, controversy broke when a black teen was apprehended by the New York Police Department after he purchased a Ferragamo belt from Barney's in Manhattan. The ensuing fiasco soon revolved around Jay Z's then-upcoming holiday collaboration with Barney's. A large number of people were started calling for Jay Z to cancel the partnership, titled "A New York Holiday," but Jay decided to move on with the deal. He did, however, make maneuvers so that 100% of the project's proceeds would go to the Shawn Carter Foundation, among other changes.

Now for the good stuff. In Rick Ross' "The Devil Is a Lie," the single that's dominating the Internet today, Hov finally addresses the past few months of controversy:

See what I did to the stop and frisk / Brooklyn all in Barney's like we own the bitch
Give the money to the hood now we all win / Got that Barney's floor lookin' like a V.I.M.
Black hoodie, black skully / Bravado like Mavado, boy I'm that gully

Very little explanation or analysis required. The single is a certified banger, and if that bit about Jay Z laughing at how he masterminded his way into helping out the hood while playing Barney's doesn't get you making your best ugly-as-fuck-turn-up face, you are rooting for the wrong team.