Jay West has already carved himself a unique niche. He is a painter with street cred, co-signed by a host of hip-hop personalities, including his long-time friend A$AP Ferg. Jay has coined his style “pop expressionism,” but he’s not just about art school terminology. Jay lives and works in the real world, where the goal is to build a brand while pursuing your personal vision.

To this end, he worked with Marvin Barksdale and Joshua Seidman of The Millennial Group as he prepared for this year’s Art Basel showcase in Miami. Marvin and Joshua are helping Jay hone his aesthetic to align with highly visible brands and individuals.

As you can see in the episode above, things are going well thus far. In this episode, we are given access to the home of art collector Ernie Angstadt, who has a Jay West painting hanging alongside works by Paul Klee, Roy Lichtenstein, and Andy Warhol. That is pretty good company for an artist on the rise.