Artist and graphic designer Jay Shells is known for cleverly altering New York City signage to create works of art. In the past, he has designed mock New York subway posters that describe how commuters should behave for his project "Subway Etiquette," and recently he installed Seinfeld-themed movie posters in New York theaters. Now Shells is back with another installment of his "Rap Quotes" series in Harlem where he puts up street signs with rap lyrics that refer directly to the sites of his installations.

To celebrate the release of his new book FRANK151 x A$AP Mob: Harlem Edition, FRANK151 enlisted Shells to install new "Rap Quotes" between 110th and 145th Streets with lines from the neighborhood's famous rappers.

In the video above, which follows Shells as he puts up his signs, the artist says that they are usually stolen within 24 hours. "They don't really live for very long in the environment, but like I said, you know when you put something in the public, you have to assume that someone's gonna dog it or steal it, and that's fine," Shells explains.

FRANK151 is offering original Jay Shells street signs from the artist's Harlem series for sale for $90 here.

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[via FRANK151]