In a world that reeks of Photoshop and CGI, we can hardly ever believe our eyes anymore. But Finnish artist Janne Parviainen doesn’t believe in that type of trickery. He has perfected a way to take stunning, ghostly photographs employing only natural sources. Strobe lights, flash lights, and some light-generating toys of his own engineering allow him to “paint” the brightly colored imagery that appears in his photographs. He uses a camera with a super long exposure; capturing even one image can take hours.

Parviainen’s paint ghosts are electric and kind of terrifying, but the artist believes that using figures such as skeletons add a human element to his work that he would be hard-pressed to find elsewhere. “By using these figures I can add more humane stories into my photos and alter the culturally learned feelings they cause in the viewer of the photo,” he explained to Visual Art News.

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[via VisualArtNews]