Ian Strange spent two years working on his largest project to date entitled "Suburban" which recently closed at the National Gallery of Victoria. Arrested Motion shared these photos provided by the artist of the exhibition as it was installed at the gallery. For those of us who were unable to make it to Australia, it's cool to see how the artist displayed his photographs and video installations inside the beautiful gallery space. The sort of three dimensional projection screens are not what we would have expected and not something you see everyday, but then again photographs of burning houses in suburban neighborhoods are not something you see everyday either. 

When we spoke to the artist this summer, he told us about his experiences working on the project and help he received along the way. He also said that he felt his work had become "a lot more personal" and that in finally showing his face and using his real name, he had "stopped hiding."

For more from Strange, check out his website kid-zoom.com.

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[via ArrestedMotion]