Today, it was announced that Chanel flat out bought the lamb tannery that was previously its primary source for lamb leathers. Why? Because now they can have full control over the production of their lamb-based accessories, meaning they will be able to meet consumer demand. But thanks to The Fashion Law, we learned that Chanel is not the first brand to cop animals (dead or alive) in bulk in the interest of increasing production. Back in 2009, Hermes pulled the ultimate flex and bought a fucking crocodile farm to try and keep up with the demand for of its famed Birkin bag. You see, it takes 3 to 4 crocodiles to make one bag, which ultimately gets sold for upwards of $40,000. So, I mean, that's kind of fucked up, but, then again, I eat chicken McNuggets like it's my fucking job. Sorry I'm not sorry.