Inventory Magazine recently put together a great feature on Gyakusou, the brainchild of Nike and Parisian label Undercover, led by designer and fashion consultant Jun Takahashi. 

The article goes over the vision behind Gyakusou in great detail, explaining that it's different from other collaborations because both Nike and Jun Takahashi "see and feel a genuine respect for [each other]." Inventory also digs deeper into the history of Gyakusou, as well as the people behind the designs, and the label's focus on substance over style.

In its three years, Gyakusou has become known for stylish but functional clothes, but Nike Japan product developer Ushi San says "design-wise, it's getting simpler." He says he "wanted to focus more on the functions", adding that "for the functions to work, the design doesn't need so much space." He then went on to compare the first collection, which he says "had more of a sharp design to it" one that "was not necessary for running." So, now, Gyakusou is really leaning more towards function. 

Perhaps the biggest takeaway, though, is finding out how Takahashi comes up with his designs. As San said, Takahashi "comes to the meetings with his recent discoveries" and that he "always brings up real needs", adding that a lot of those ideas come from Takahashi's actual running experiences. 

The feature is a great eye-opener for fans of the brand, as well as a great introduction for everyone else. Check out the full story here.

[via Inventory Magazine