'Tis the season of Fall/Winter collections being up for actual sale and IISE does not disappoint. Continuing to draw inspiration from traditional Korean design, the IISE crew have enhanced their murdered out aesthetic with buffalo leather and antique nickel hardware. Personally, I’m gonna drop some SIGNIFICANT hints this season that all I want for Christmas is that minimal tech pack. That shit looks like some highly accurate futuristic ninja gear. I’d also take the luxe as fuck weekender bag—the lotus flower ring hardware is a very nice touch. Saying something is a "nice touch" is basically the equivalent of getting a “HAAAANH” from your one friend that is way too gully for his own good. The last time I got a “HAAANH” from my gully friend it was when my girl wanted me to attend an office function, but instead I got high and played Madden. I think gully friends are bad influences.