Google is like a wise old man on top the mountain that has the answers to life’s daily queries. Things like, “Why do men have nipples?” or “What do I do when a ginger kid bites me?” are just some questions that have been answered. But for the style-minded, Google serves as a search engine for style tips. Remember that time you searched ways to do a half-Winsor or four-in-hand knots? Google knows you did, and it never forgets.

The search engine rounded up the most popular topics of 2013 and released its 13th annual Zeitgeist list. Topping the “How-to” section is “How to Tie a Tie.” It’s either a sign that more men are paying attention to how they dress, or there have been tons of weddings and job interviews this past year. Or simply, that some men have just been buying clip-ons. 

Seriously, what would we do without Google, besides enter the dreaded territory of biz casual?

[via Time]