The New York City-based art-making duo called Ghost of a Dream has been utilizing discarded lottery tickets in their work for a few years now, creating works vivid and powerful, worth more than the promise of instant wealth the materials themselves once offered. In their series “Easy Money,” sculptor Lauren Was and painter Adam Eckstrom use losing lottery tickets as the main medium, creating intensely visual works in morphing patterns and vivid colors. Their first work in the series, The Dream Car, used $39,000 in discarded lotto cards. This and other large-scale works in the series remind how fleeting and temporal the vague promise of a lottery ticket can be. They are also just incredible to look at, rending all the lotto games into hallucinatory visions of an out-of-reach, lavish lifestyle.

The duo is showing works from the series right now until January 18, at Galerie Paris-Beijing in Paris.

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[via Juxtapoz]