While Angie Martinez's show, FUBU founder and Shark Tank host Daymond John weighed in on why he thinks Kanye West can't succeed in the fashion industry, even going so far as giving some constructive critism. There were no "You ain't got the answers" interruptions, of course, but John also touched on what he thinks about West's belief in the idea of Illuminati-like overseers holding the gates to success in the business. 

John points out that fashion and music are two totally separate businesses. "It's just a different business structure," he said, adding that West "absolutely doesn't understand that much in the thought process of it" but that he knows "a lot of the movers and shakers, and understands it more than many people do." So, John says, to succeed in fashion, West must drop music altogether and focus his grind mode on creating his visions. 

Judging from past interviews, though, this seems to be the way West is heading.

[via Hot 97 YouTube]