In a year that saw a myriad of trends and garments take the men's fashion world by storm, one person stood head and shoulders above the rest as the year's one true icon of style. While it could be argued that Kanye West had his strongest year in clothing ever, collaborating with A.P.C. and signing a reportedly $10 Million deal with Adidas, at the end of the day, Kanye's iconic status transcends just clothes into a larger cultural discussion. Then there's Drake, whose throwback Dada fits and Jordan deal solidified the artist as a force within the clothing game. But at the end of the day, his primary talents remain his soulful melodies and introspective rhymes. That's why we've nominated an icon whose clothing speaks more than they ever could, none other than the gawd Brandon Sales.

We first discovered Brandon back in July and told you that his Hypebeast ways were "ruining everything". But we were wrong, oh so so wrong. Then again, how could we have never known how blessed we truly were to discover this beacon of hope and angelic futuristic swag? His clothing collection is forever expanding like the universe itself. The fashion risks he takes are unparalleled. His trend adoption speeds are world class. If you see a flashy piece of the clothing on the runway or Kanye West, you can bet on it appearing on B-Sales's Instagram within the half-hour. He is someone whose style is larger than life, and whose life is a blessing to us all. Above we've cataloged his most stylish moments of the year, proving once and for all that B-Sales deserves to be the world's one true style savior. *1 Million Praying Hands Emojis For Your Ass*