Knicks fans are losing their shit this season. Despite having one of the highest scoring players in the league, the team cohesiveness is not there, and the team is tanking game after game. Gone are the glory days where players scrapped, the coach gave a shit, and fans were excited to head to the Garden every night. If there were ever a T-shirt to summarize both fan and players' emotions in one, it would be For All To Envy’s latest.

This isn’t a print of the current Carmelo Anthony Photoshop-worthy pic going around, but it’s an equally awesome tee of John Starks flipping the bird to Miami Heat fans during the 1997 playoff game. It’s pretty much the same feeling every Knicks fan is going through right now. All we know is this angry fan needs one in his life.

Visit For All To Envy’s website to purchase and tell them why you’re mad.