Flud watches are wrapping up 2013 with a capsule drop that is finishing the year strong. The timepiece brand's holiday collection is coming correct with a buttload of affordable options for your wrist that will look dope without setting you back a rack or two. From rich chocolate to luxe rose to neck-snapping gold, Flud's got a bunch of pieces that will take you into grown-man territory, and the best part is they don't require a re-balancing of your annual budget.

Now that these wood, leather, mesh, and metallic options are about to drop, you can finally ditch the calculator piece that you used to cheat on tests freshman year and flash a wrist-piece that will actually impress. Head over to Flud's site if you're ready to advance your style by leaps and bounds. You'll be pleasantly surpirsed at what a dope timepiece will do, and it's about damn time you took the plunge.