Filson came extra fucking hard with this Jeep Wrangler collabo they did with AEV. AEV is in the business of creating super burly versions of regular old jeeps and trucks. Basically, AEV is like Q from James Bond, but instead of giving you guns, ejector seats and a smokeshow who looks amazing in dresses with really high slits, AEV gives you new bumpers and a really strong winch. For just $130,000 you too can have a Jeep Wrangler that looks like it belongs in Avatar. I love that despite throwing them 130 large, Filson’s still like, “All bags sold separately," like they really need the extra scratch. I personally can’t wait 'til the press day for this bad boy rolls around. Who wants to smoke some weed out of an apple and then drive a several thousand pound vehicle all over the forest? THIS GUY.