The work of artist Federico Babina often takes recognizable icons from the world of architecture and turns them into something cheekier or interpretive. Last we heard from him, he was producing 8-bit portraits of famous architects and their landmark works for his “Archipixel” series.

Babina is back, this time crossing the worlds of architecture and film. In his new series “Archicine,” he’s drawn inspiration from landmark buildings from some of our favorite films and redesigned them into the central focus of beautiful movie posters. North by Northwest, Star Wars, The Million Dollar Hotel, and a grip of other films that feature important buildings get the Babina treatment. The implication is that the buildings are as important as the characters of the films themselves. And that often is the case with movies, where the layout or appearance of a building plays as fundamental a role in the outcome of a plot as does the interaction of the characters therein. Check out these beautiful illustrations above and more work on Babina’s website.

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[via Designboom]