Another year has passed, another 12 months of shit shot directly into our brains via the LCD screens that have become the window to our lives. You've spent a year shit strolling down a hip street in your shitty town on the feet of some asshole who thinks he’s cool because he makes all his purchases via links on Four Pins. So, once again, it’s the time of year when I, resident contrarian you hate to hate, takes a look back and pisses off all my friends by pointing out how all the things they like are super weak. Sorry, guys. This is my burden—my duty as the lone voice of chill-the-fuck-out here at Tha Pinz to poop all over the lame trends you probably wasted money, time and valuable brainwaves on in 2013. Go ahead and hate the player because I hate the game.

Angelo Spagnolo is a writer living in Portland, Oregon. Read his blog here and follow him on Twitter here.