Remember how Michael Jackson's mother told him not to go around breaking young girls' hearts? Well you should probably listen to that advice, because it could save your life one of these days. Australian designer Lani Devine is helping crossed lovers get revenge with this "Ex-Boyfriend Revenge Kit." The color-coordinated kit and bag contains a ski mask, truth serum, pliers, brass knuckles, gloves, a crowbar, tape, and rope so that she (or he) can cause some serious damage.

OK, to clarify, the $1,850 kit is not actually for sale, but it is a very scary concept. Devine's website contains the following disclaimer: "Her Royal Flyness does not condone or promote the use of real life violence against anyone. The kit is conceptual and for display/discussion purposes only and items will not actually be sold to any persons."

The designer spoke to Dezeen and explained the ideas behind the concept: "From a design perspective we wanted to explore the idea of how things that are usually deemed dangerous might look if they were designed with a much more elegant approach...The items scared me at first but now I can see how something that is used in an ugly way can be made beautiful." She added that no one has tried to buy the kit yet but they have sold the tote bags.

Real or not, we hope our exes don't get any ideas from this.

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[via Dezeen]