Amsterdam’s ETQ gives you nice, clean options,  and its new All Black Series just made it easier to match your kicks with anything.

The brand’s low, mid, and hi-top models get blackout designs that are low-key, but don’t skimp out on luxurious details. Waxed black nubuck, waxed laces, golden eyelets, and a comfy calfskin lining make these shoes comfortable to slip onto whether you’re wearing a suit or jeans. There will also be limited edition models made with some fancy stingray leather. While that may sound over-the-top, the shoes have been designed with subtelty in mind. 

Sneakers can get a little extra these days with outer space designs and teddy bear tongues. Sometimes, you just need a break and wear something low profile. 

Visit sites like SSENSE and SOTO when the collection drops Dec. 7.