Electroninks Incorporated, an organization that was once a research lab at the University of Illinois, has developed a rollerball pen that uses conductive ink. Called “Circuit Scribe,” the pen allows people to create fully functioning circuits without wires, boards or fire-spewing equipment.

“Circuit Scribe” also comes with additional components, such as buzzers, lights, photo sensors and pontentiometers. The simplicity of the pen itself allows users of all types to create basic switchboards.  The additional components provide the opportunity for educational progress, and allows the more engineering-oriented clientele to create fully functioning touchpads without ever entering a science lab.

The mission of the project is to make education and electronics available to the widest audience possible. The project is a wild success—after only a few days into their Kickstarter campaign, “Circuit Scribe” reached its initial $85,000 fundraising goal, as well as its $250,000 stretch goal, which has enabled them to create a STEM outreach program and bolster their education platform.

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[via: PSFK]