Back in September, el Seed participated in the Calligraffiti show at Leila Heller Gallery and we had the opportunity to speak with him about his art background, his involvement in the show, and his thoughts on the ways in which graffiti and calligraphy are coming together in new ways. el Seed's pieces in the show were great, and the artist continues to push the boundaries, going bigger and grander with his art. 

The latest piece is this large mural on the side of La Maison de la Tunisie at La Cité internationale universitaire de Paris. La Maison chose el Seed to paint a mural that was both beautiful and that represented the Tunisian culture. The artist chose excerpts from the poem "The Will to Live" by Abou el Kacem Chebbi, which reads: "Ambition is the flame of life and the essence of luck if the beings aspire to life, destiny can only obey ." Check out the images above and head to elSeed's website

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