The brand known for shouldering the weight of millions' possessions has returned for its third annual Artist Studio, bringing in some seasoned influencers and a handful of freshmen to contribute their takes on the signature backpack. 

Eastpak didn't outline any rules for the 56 artists commissioned to put their own spins on the signature Padded Pak'r design - that much is clear. While London-based designer and artist Simeon Farrar painted on the pack as though it were a standard canvas, No Curves created a triangular, clear knapsack. Happy Andrada's black, grey and fluff bag looks more like a ball of Gaultier ruffles than anything else, but Ivania Carpo's take is simply all-white (except for the clear plastic panel on the back). 

Tokidoki's Simone Legno channeled past days spent in the classroom, when he used sharpies and markers to decorate his own shoulder bag. Pansik made a fucking bird cage backpack.

But the effort isn't all creative freedom and collaborative design -  proceeds from the limited edition line will go to charity organization Designers Against AIDS, a group that works to raise awareness on STIs.

The collection drops Monday, Dec. 2, and will be available on the brand's site. 

[via Eastpak]