Face it: No matter how many followers you have, you're still not a celebrity. But with the new EASTWEST Paparazzi Pack you can at least hide the facial when people try to snap your pic.

Coming off its highly successful Acid Wash and Black Denim snapback collection, EASTWEST has partnered with Mitchell & Ness and a few mad scientists to create the Paparazzi Pack. Consisting of an assortment of 3M reflective snapbacks, each hat illuminates when the cameras start flashing.

The Paparazzi Pack comes in four colorways- silver, black, gold and red and features some of your favorite NBA, NFL, and NHL teams including the Raiders, Lakers, Knicks, Kings, Giants and more.

Pull off this 3M look and stay lit even if you're stomping in the nighttime hours. The hats are now available for $45 at the EASTWEST website. Just don't wear this when your fam is taking its holiday photos.

[via EastWest]