Say Goodbye to Your Credit Score: Dover Street Market NYC Opens This Weekend and Has an Exclusive Visvim Collection

Cancel all your planas.

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When news broke that Dover Street Market was going to open up a shop in NYC, stylish dudes in the city rejoiced. And if you had any doubts that you'd be traveling to Murray Hill to hit up one of the best stores in the world, all your reasoning has just been invalidated. This weekend, DSM NYC opens up its doors, and will play host to an in-store installation from highly-coveted Japanese brand visvim. Not only that, but there will be an exclusive men's collection for DSM. There are very few places in the country where you can actually feel visvim in the flesh, but that list just got one more stockist added on.

The store, which has locations in London and Japan, will stock a wide range of up-and-coming, well-established, and niche brands with cult followings. Case in point is that Supremewill occupy a space across from Prada

The levels of rarity occurring at 160 Lexington Avenue are already off the charts. And if you need to convince your girl that forfeiting a decent credit score is worth it, things will get easier in February when DSM starts carrying the first women's collection from visvim. Until then, it's time to just accept that your clothing budget is going to have to increase. If you doubt that you're about to start forking over your dollars to Visvim founder and designer Hiroki Nakamura and store owner Rei Kawakubo, head to the store on December 21 to understand why everything else you own is inferior to visvim.

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