Someone Finally Made Some Ugly Christmas Sweaters That Will Make You Blow Eggnog Chunks (Video)

They are that amazing.

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From the plenty of times you have attended Christmas parties over the years, you’ve probably seen your fair share of ugly Christmas sweaters. Each year's fits become lamer that you don’t even notice them anymore. But this year, someone just took it there and gave these knits some digital enhancement.

All you have to do is download the Digital Dudz app for your phone, insert it into a pouch inside the sweater by Morphsuits, and bang, you got yourself a digital burning fireplace on your stomach, or creepy Santa rolling his eyes. No need for pathetic pickup lines at your holiday party this year; girls will come up to you.

Yes, these sweaters will blow your mind. And yes, a former NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory engineer invented them. Because who else would have the advanced mind and education to come up with such genius idea as this? We can’t explain any further; we’re too busy picking up our jaws off the floor.

[via Jezebel]

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