The master of surrealist film, the man behind the album Crazy Clown Time, the painter of strange and odd worlds, David Lynch is now putting out a book of photographs. More specifically, the Eraserhead director is releasing a   full of pictures of abandoned factories. All shot in black and white, across New York, Poland, Germany, and England, the images are in a mode Lynch fans will be familiar with the tone of the photos: dark, often eerie, but looming with just the hint of human tenderness, as if there’s something left behind like a ghost. The theme of industry has long functioned as a focal point of Lynch’s work, where the surrealism of these functional structures merges with the dreamlike quality of his direction. These photos pick up that slack as well.

“I just like going into strange worlds,” Lynch said in a press release. “A lot more happens when you open yourself up to the work and let yourself act and react to it. Every work ‘talks’ to you, and if you listen to it, it will take you places you never dreamed of.”

The book release is in conjunction with an exhibition of the more-than-80 photos, at the Photographer’s Gallery in London. The exhibition begins January 17, 2014, and runs through the end of March. “The Factory Photographs will present over eighty images taken between 1980 and 2000,” the curators remarked, “all sized at 27.9 x 35.6 cm and displayed in a classic matte and dark wooden frame. Printed on gelatin-silver paper, the texture of the prints resembles the soot, vapours and fine dust covering the surfaces depicted.” 

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[via Hyperllergic]