First of all, if you haven't read the "Because the Internet" screenplay, stop and do that right now or this poster will not make any sense. Childish Gambino's highly anticipated project is unlike any album you've ever heard because it's not really an album. The narrative that Childish presents goes beyond a collection of songs and is meant to engage audiences on a much deeper level. The aforementioned screenplay fills in the parts of the experience that you don't get sonically and it picks up where his short-film Clapping for the Wrong Reasons left off, sort of.

Illustrator Sam Spratt worked with the polymath again (they collaborated previously to create the artwork for Royalty) to create this amazing illustration that follows the story of the album and the screenplay. Childish Gambino, Rick Ross, Chance the Rapper, and various other characters are depicted in a very Drew Struzan-esque movie poster format. Unfortunately for us (and maybe you), Spratt announced that he won't be selling the posters, but Childish will have them at "mansion parties" in the near future. At least we can all enjoy the digital version, right? For more shots of this poster and other work by Spratt, head to

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