Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best ones.

Chari & Co. NYC, the independent bike shop every two-wheeled New Yorker knows, just released its new smartphone-friendly biking gloves for this holiday season. While other companies are hell-bent on perfecting a pair of gloves that transfer your finger entries through the fabric, these smart gloves are much simpler. Hidden slits alongside the index and thumb allow your fingers to have direct access to your device. Sure your fingers will be cold for a bit, but no cloth, leather, or nylon will ever be as accurate as your skin. Also, an anti-slip material is applied to the palm area as well for maximum grip while texting or tweeting. Just don't try to check how many likes your Instagram got while biking.

These new gloves are available now, so pick up a pair in three different colorways for $80 at Chari & Co.'s online shop.

[via Chari & Co. NYC]