December is the season where everyone whips out their coziest knits. It is also the season where the booze flows freely and liquid courage is at an all-time high. Putting these two things together, Budweiser UK is promoting safer holiday celebrations with the gift for those taking one for the team.

If you do not wish to imbibe in boozy merriment, and instead volunteer to be the designated driving hero of the night, you have a chance to win a Christmas sweater made by the King of Beers.

Here’s what happens. Every time someone tweets “#jumpers4des” a magical machine hooked up to Twitter will knit one of these lovely sweaters. It’s crazy how technology works sometimes. The more tweets equals the more sweaters, which then lead to, hopefully, more designated drivers. If you don’t believe that such a machine exists, just watch the video below, and stay safe everyone.

[via Four-Pins]