For many stylish folks, Japan is on their bucket list of places to visit before they die. But since airfare can put a major dent in your wallet, it’s always nice to be able to live vicariously through others. Ben and Bobby Hundreds, of The Hundreds, recently stopped by various must-see shopping places in Tokyo. Though the pictures don't do the experience justice, it looked like an amazing time. 

As expected, the places the two visited paid careful attention to clothing production as do most Japanese brands and stores. Shopping decisions must've been difficult—especially because each retailer literally had grail-status items. As for the interiors of these shops, forget about it—you might was well put in your will to get your ashes spread at each and everyone of these places so you can be inside forever. 

Follow the duo as they stop by Bounty Hunter, visvim F.I.L. pop-up, Undercover by Jun Takahashi, White Mountaineering, and more. One of these days, maybe you’ll make it out there.

Visit The Hundredsnew revamped website for the rest of the photos.