Release date: June 18, 2013
Photography: Ashley Rose, Karen Meyers, Jim Murton, Eric Altenburger
Art direction: Miller McCormick
Labels: Rostrum Records

The meaning behind the artwork for Mac Miller's Watching Movies With the Sound Off has been confusing to some, and that isn't by accident, according to Miller. In an interview with Clash, Miller said that, "I've been chilling on the real description because it's funny that everyone tries to figure it out. There's the idea that an apple is good for you; I went through this period in life where all I ate was apples, but there's also some Adam and Eve shit."

That clears up both the apple and the cherub-as well as Mac's nudity-but what about the deep red palate of the cover and the filled, flourishing vase? Passion and the Garden of Eden? It's certainly possible. If there's one thing that's clear about it, though, it's that Miller's wide-eyed gaze isn't meant to present him as a deer in the headlights, but rather, as someone who's finally seeing the world for the very first time.