Release date: Nov. 5, 2013
Photography: Kevin Mazur
Art direction: Mike Saputo
Labels: Aftermath, Shady, Interscope

When the video for "Berzerk" dropped, Eminem made it clear that he was ready to take hip-hop back to its embryonic stage; to a time when breakbeats and the Beastie Boys ruled the scene. However, he wasn't just trying to take the genre back to its roots. With the album cover for The Marshall Mathers LP 2, Em essentially told everyone that he was going to be returning to his own starting point as well. Depicting his teenage home, MMLP2 offers a slightly older, more dilapidated version of the same structure that covered its spiritual predecessor, The Marshall Mathers LP.

The home should serve a reflection of Eminem for anyone who knows the up-and-down saga that the Detroit rapper has been the center of for the past decade. However, while they both may be worse for wear, you can't argue with one thing: they're also still standing.