Release date: Nov. 1, 2013
Photography: Daniel Sannwald
Art direction: M.I.A., Tom Manaton
Labels: N.E.E.T., Interscope

Internet art has become something of a signature for M.I.A., who, quite honestly, should be considered just as much a visual artist as she is a musician. With 2010's MAYA, M.I.A. showed us the suffocating power of the World Wide Web by trapping herself under a fortress of YouTube playback bars and digital bricks. With Matangi, the execution is much simpler, but the questions remain the same: how do we go about presenting ourselves in the 21st century? More importantly, how do we define ourselves? Using what looks like a High Contrast image (hint: hit Shift-Alt-Print Screen on your computer and see what happens), M.I.A.-though removed from Maya's video veil-still remains, in some way, distorted by the culture of the digital age. What else would you expect a selfie from M.I.A. to look like?