Release date: Aug. 20, 2013
Photography: Marc Rimmer
Art direction: Marc Rimmer
Labels: Arbutus Records, Full Time Hobby, Flemish Eye

Braids employs the hypnotic power of the spherical form to make a statement for their newest album Flourish // Perish, perhaps even borrowing from the Japanese manga series Gantz to do so. Created by Montreal-based photographe, Marc Rimmer, the cover's black bubble connotes a number of different possibilities whether relating to falling ink, new worlds, or black holes.

Likewise, its presence, as it hovers silently over an undisturbed body of water, is clearly alien, inviting us to form our own assumptions as to its meaning. Is this orb the perishing agent, some sort of weapon of mass destruction? Is there a fully formed universe existing within this sphere that we don't know about? Either way, there's a direction being implied here-good or bad-that invites us to follow in its path. The album will take us the rest of the way.