Don't you hate when you search for something once online and the next day there are 20 ads for that object on your favorite websites and in your inbox? Targeted marketing based on interests and demographic is a common practice, but we're pretty sure this is the first time it has been used by artists to get the attention of an ex-basketball player.

Julian Garcia and Matt Goerzen of the Boca Gallery Digital Art Collective organized a plan that they call "Shaq Attack." Using Google Adsense and what they call "Artisanale Data Mining" (stalking) to build a profile of the things that Shaq likes so that they could market their custom dunk rig to him. The dunk rig (pictured) does not physically exist because they are waiting for the big man to purchase it first. The project goes pretty deep and the artists have held workshops in which they discussed every intricate detail of the plan and the ways in which their use of technology and design can benefit companies.

We can see the potential, but this is still weird. As far as we know, Shaq hasn't placed that order yet.

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[via Gizmodo