What better way to celebrate the holiday season than with handmade Christmas cards designed by your favorite artists? Over at the Smithsonian's Archives of American Art, tiny masterpieces of holiday cheer from artists like Robert Indiana, Alexander Calder, and Dan Flavin are on display because 'tis the season.

Image via Smithsonian Museum / Alexander Calder holiday card, 1930

These beautiful cards are a wintry slew of sketches, prints, cut paper, photos, and in one case—for a card from Michael Bidlo to famed art dealer Leo Castelli—a flattened and signed Brillo box. These tiny creations could also be sold as original pieces, bringing a little financial boost in for the holidays, according to HuffPost.

The full collection is bound in a book by curator Mary Savig called Handmade Holiday Cards from 20th-Century Artists. So if you can't mail an original Claes Oldenburg card to your loved ones, this book is the next best gift. 

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[via HuffPost]