While some are creating T-shirts to help the cause, and Manny Pacquiao dedicates boxing matches to the victims of the Typhoon in the Philippines, a group of more than 75 New York City artists banded together for a charity art auction. There’s both an online auction with a huge grip of sick, reasonably priced artworks, as well as a physical incarnation of the show. The showing is on view for just a few more days at The Lodge Gallery in New York City.

Here’s the artists’ statement:

“We are a group of artists banding together to raise funds to aid the storm ravaged Philippines. We gather in an act of collective creative generosity, donating artworks to auction toward much needed assistance to the Philippines. We are rallying together as a group of compassionate artists to raise money for this humanitarian crisis.”

And a complete list of artists in the show:

Samuel T. Adams, Brian Alfred, Tomer Aluf, Michael Anderson, Noah Becker, Erik Benson, Sarah Bereza, Katherine Bernhardt, Per Billgren, Lisa Blas, Paul Brainard, Erik den Breejen, Kadar Brock, Amanda Browder, Ethan Browning, Maria Calandra, Emily Chatton, Andy Cross, Emily Davidson, Paul DeMuro, Eric Doeringer, Benjamin Dowell, Austin Eddy, Alison Elizabeth Taylor, Rachel Mijares Fick, Matthew Fisher, Dawn Frasch, Amanda Friedman, Jim Gaylord, Jackie Gendel, Rebecca Goyette, Jenna Gribbon, Debra Hampton, Sarah Hardesty, Jack Henry, Shara Hughes, David Humphrey, Scott Indrisek, Samuel Jablon, Aaron Johnson, Mi Ju, Ambre Kelly, Will Kurtz, Emily Noelle Lambert, Katerina Lanfranco, Erika Langstroth, Kristina Lee, Stuart Lorimer, Lauren Luloff, MaryKate Maher, JJ Manford, Nathan Manuel, Christian Maychack, Matt Mignanelli, Christian rex Van Minnen, Nick Naber, Piero Passacantando, Sirikul Pattachote, Don Porcella, Kanishka Raja, Caris Reid, Duke Riley, Jean-Pierre Roy, Lisa Sanditz, Tom Sanford, Gretchen Scherer, Kristen Schiele, Nikki Schiro, Ryan Schneider, Stacy A. Scibelli, Michael Scoggins, Sandra Sitron, Elisa Soliven, Alfred Steiner, Trish Tillman, Nicolas Touron, Jade Townsend, Russell Tyler, and Chuck Webster.

The online auction closes on December 13—act now.

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[via NYC Art Scene]