At first, these tools look completely fucking useless, which is how you know they are expensive and essential to a considered lifestyle. Why would you pay $150 for a bottle opener and a weird sharpened doorstop/wedge/X-ACTO knife thing? BECAUSE HAVING REALLY SPECIFIC TOOLS FOR REALLY SPECIFIC PROCESSES, LIKE OPENING PACKAGES OR BEER BOTTLES OR COCA-COLA HECHO EN MEXICO, IS THE MOST ILLUMINATI THING YOU CAN DO. Coffee tastes better when prepared using specialized accoutrement and artisanal beers taste better when you open them with a Damascus steel opener. What’s Damascus steel? Well, it’s actually a forging process that was lost around 1750. Developed in the Middle East, the steel was renowned for its signature patterns, strength and sharpness. No one knows why the exact forging process was lost, but all modern practices are theories or approximations of the ancient art. Ancient metallurgy is why you spend 150 dollars on shit you can buy at a truck stop.