Ana Rajcevic is used to designing and handcrafting her "complex adornments," but she recently got the opportunity to test out new technology to see how it would affect her creative process. Armed with a 3D printer and the new Autodesk 123D Catch program, Rajcevic sculpted the pieces by hand as she normally would, photographed them with her iPad, and digitally stitched together and altered the images, making changes that would have proven impossible by hand.

Speaking of the process and the completed 3D object, Rajcevic told Dazed Digital that "this made the whole process faster, avoiding the long process of sculpting and modeling the piece by hands, as well as the whole polishing process...this opened a whole new perspective for me and I have already been talking with Autodesk and other companies about doing much, much more, but in different materials.”

Check out the process below in this video produced by Dazed Digital:

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[via DazedDigital]