What if we had a superhero that would swoop in during awkward silences and uncomfortable outbursts? Enter, Ambiance Man, the crime fighter for your worst social situations.

For a new show on MOCAtv, artist, filmmaker, and author Alix Lambert has dreamed up the series Ambiance Man. Working off the tradition of comedic performance in high art, Lambert has employed funny men Jack Black and Fred Armisen to play characters in the show.

Ambiance Man is a series about a superhero who fixes what we really need fixed in our day-to-day lives," says Lambert in the press release. "While most superheroes are focused on preventing the end of the world, Ambiance Man is focused on transforming the moments that feel like the end of the world.”

Ambiance Man is a mix of sketch and subversive comedy, a genre that hails from the work of artists like Alex Bag, Kate Berlant, Dynasty Handbag, Andy Kaufman, Martin Kersels, and David Robbins. The characters in Ambiance Man will each have their own fake Twitter accounts, giving the show a life beyond MOCAtv that extends performance to social media.

Ambiance Man will air on Dec. 20, 2013 on MOCAtv's YouTube channel.

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[via ArtDaily]