Amidst the 9 billion other things that have happened to Kanye since July (a national tour, that Zane Lowe interview, Sway not having the answers) you may have forgotten that way back then he had a little collaboration with A.P.C. You also may have forgotten about it because the shit sold out in negative 10 seconds or you saw a photo on Instagram of the line in Soho and just decided to continue sleeping off that hangover. But good news: the collection has now been re-stocked online via A.P.C.'s online store just in time to ask for it for Christmas and hope you made it on Santa's "Nice Hypebeast" list. For real, I hope this doesn't spark another conversation about the $120 dollar "hip-hop" T-shirts. My brain can't handle any more of that fuckery, even though Kanye already threw the French label under the bus in his Breakfast Club interview by saying he was not responsible for their price. I'm not even sure this collection is still relevant, but hey dawgie, if not owning a short-sleeved, side slit hoodie has been eating you alive for almost 5 months then you might have bigger problems to deal with.