Don’t settle for the light fixtures that came with your house or apartment. Installing a pendant lamp or a hanging fixture isn’t rocket science. And nothing on this list provides more punch than swapping out your light source. Plus, you can find some stellar hanging lamps for under id="mce_marker"5 if you’re any good at Googling.

How To: First, always turn off the power at breaker. Then unscrew your current light fixture, remove the bulb, remove the fixture from the ceiling and undo the wire connectors. Measure how long you’ll want the new fixture to hang and cut your cord, stripping about an inch of the rubber casing off each wire at the top. Attach the fixture into the existing ceiling attachment, twist the wires together by color (white with white, black with black) and top them off with red wire connectors. Slide the cap or the canopy to the top of the chain, concealing the wires, and tighten the collar to hold it in place. Put the bulbs in and return the power to the source. See? Easier than you thought.