A new extension for the Instagram platform allows users to share only one photo a day in a virtual gallery, to be voted up, and then chosen as the winner. This thing is called the Instagramers Gallery and it exists here and apparently IRL at a gallery in Wynwood, Miami that displays IRL printed out Instagram photos. We’re still not exactly sure how this thing works. But apparently the best photo of the day wins $1,000. And purportedly in the Spring of 2014 this platform is going to award one photographer $100,000.

Where exactly the money is coming from (luxury sponsors) and to what ends this serves, are still ambiguous. “The people behind this gallery are passionate Instagram users who want to spread their love of visuals and their desire to unite the world with art and photography,” a statement from a company rep said. “People who post to their gallery have the opportunity to submit best photos on the site to not only win real-life prizes, but also to display images to a global audience,” that statement went on. This sounds a lot like Instagram proper, but at least this one is encouraging high-quality photography rather than another picture of your horrid cat. Does this sound suspiciously like money laundering to anyone else?

Anyway, we felt it would be irresponsible to not alert you to the vague possibility that the dumb social media shit you’re going to do anyway could actually get you paid. You’d essentially be to Instagram what Justin Bieber is to YouTube, except P. Diddy isn’t going to give you a Lamborghini for your birthday. We joined up, but at the moment we haven’t won any money. It doesn’t seem like there are many users onboard yet, so the earlier you join, the better chances you have of winning sweet, digital dough.

Instagramers! Have you or a family member won the $1,000 prize? We want to hear from you because this makes no sense even though we’re in favor of it.

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