For undisclosed health reasons, the owners of this Seneca property are packing up and heading elsewhere, selling the "ghost town" that they've owned since the 1970s for $225,000. Included in the sale are three cabins, a bar with a liquor license, and the close to 10 acres of wilderness with a river and gorges nearby. There are "neighbors" but when you have 10 acres of land you could probably get away with not having to see them very often. The town and the three structures are in desperate need of repair (there is a tree growing through the porch of the bar) so the money you save buying the property would probably go into making it comfortable. Nevertheless, imagine having your own secluded town in the wilds of California for the price of a one bedroom condo in parts of Manhattan. To be honest, it sounds like a horror movie plot, but we think it's legit. You would have to pay $700/year in property taxes (consider private building maintenance fees) and another $400 for the booze license, but that will pay for itself. The Craigslist post won't last forever so check out the other photos/information while you can.

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[via Curbed]