You thought you were ready when A$AP Rocky got you in on Japanese brand Wacko Maria, didn't you? You thought "Oh that's a cool jacket, I bet that's as crazy as it gets." You were wrong. So, so wrong.

"Guilty Parties" label Wacko Maria collaborates with accessories giant Wolf's Head to create these two absolutely stunning motorcycle jacket. The familiar phrase is emblazoned across the back with a new demon face underneath that just dares anyone to ask "What the hell is that?" as they walk by. The longer coat features a 1930s-inspired striped liner, while the short waist line version incorporates Wolf's Head's name hand-assembled in bronze metal studs—a signature design cue from the label that commonly uses this technique on its belts. 

No word yet on availability (which is expected to be extremely limited sometime in the spring), but the pricing has been announced. Are you sitting down? The long coat retails for $3,696 and the shorter piece for, ahem, $5,175.

[via Honeyee]