Earlier this year Supreme dipped into the '80s with the Power, Corruption & Lies artwork based on the alternative rock band New Order's 1983 album cover design by Peter Saville. But Supreme isn't the only brand taking it back. Viva Moz just put out a collection of Morrissey-inspired sweaters that will make you feel all the feels you experienced when you first listened to The Smiths.

Revolving around the idea of "vulgarity", each sweater has hints of classic Christmas sweaters, but you'll definitely want to rock these more than once a year. The Old English version is the most subdued with a simple characterized font across the chest. The Face sweater, with a pale green base and a white face of the famous singer emblazoned above the gut, is definitely the most eye-catching. The sweaters are 100% acrylic and therefore vegan-friendly; should make you a hit with all the nature-loving ladies.

This is the second set of sweaters Viva Moz has done, having sold out of the first batch much quicker than they anticipated last year, so you better hurry before you see your favorite rapper and/or rocker donning one of these. Retailing for $72, the sweaters are now available online at the Viva Moz website.

[via Nylon Guys]