The partnership between Unionmade and Golden Bear has been a fruitful one. Since 2009 they’ve made everything from colorful varsity jackets for the spring to wool-lined leather outerwear for the winter. The two Bay Area-based companies produce all its pieces in San Francisco, so quality and production is kept up to maximum standards.

For its latest efforts, the duo introduces four new jackets to get you right for the cold days ahead. The capsule collection is comprised of a peacoat, a bomber jacket, a CPO jacket, and a slim blazer all made from heavy-duty 32 oz. Melton wool. Unlike some wool winter jackets that look unattractively bulky, all of these are cut slim, and you still won’t feel the slightest gust of cold wind. Do yourself a favor and keep your body heat regulated by visiting the Unionmade website to purchase. 

[via Unionmade]