Looking like something straight out of Myst, a gorgeous new hotel room opened off the eastern coast of Tanzania, Africa, near Pemba Island. As a part of the Manta Resort, the private, submerged structure dips about 15 feet below the surface of the water, where the sleeping quarters are located. You’d be at no loss for alone time in this space, designed by the Genberg Underwater Hotels team.

Three different levels allow guests three different views of the surroundings: a roof deck, a sea-level lounge, and the below-surface sleeping quarters, sheathed in glass. The bottom level also features spotlights near its portholes, that attract various aquatic life in the night. Check out this surreal overhead video of the space to get a better perspective of just how isolated you’d be here:

Prices for a stay in the room are not yet disclosed publicly, though a 10-night stay in the resort proper costs about $2,608 per person. You can contact the Manta Resort for more information, or harangue them on twitter for the applicable information. 

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[via Designboom]

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