The New Yorker recently uncovered a secret underground store inside of a dilapidated mall off of Elizabeth Street that deals not in the sale of its own goods or even third party goods purchased wholesale, but in resold Supreme merchandise. The owner, Peter (who refused to give his last name or have his face pictured), is a full-time flipper, having moved everything from 35 pairs of Air Yeezy's to green tea Kit Kats. With his mom's help he runs the extremely wack named Unique Hype Collection, flipping the most covetable and rarest items Supreme has to offer. Considering Supreme's popularity and own business model, you shouldn't be surprised to hear that Peter is doing pretty fucking well for himself. Homie claims to be making 7 figures a year from the physical location and its eBay operation (we see you, Japan). Peter even says he has a driver. So, what's the method for getting your hands on a grip of Supreme to subsequently sell for at least double retail? Pay roughly 30 kids $100 a day to stand in line on Lafayette Street DUH. I'm not sure if I should be impressed or really pissed off by this, though I will definitely be visiting this store soon considering it's right around the corner from my apartment, so I guess not that pissed off at all.